Safety & Security Film

The natural catastrophes and traffic accidents are likely to happen anytime and anywhere and their consequences may be huge and expensive for the people and properties.
Oxygen does hereby provide Madico Safety and Protection Films Manufactured with high high Technologies and Quality and made of reinforced polyester and adhesive materials with clear and serine vision in addition to the ability of absorbing direct Shocks and preserving the glass from dispersal in case of being broken. Besides, these films are designed with the ability to resist storms, or Earthquakes, or Robbery.


Engineered to Enhance Appearances

The thermal insulation films with the trade mark Madico have been designed in consistent with all commercial and residential utilization since there are a variety of color and degrees suiting all desires, while Madico films with lower emissions concealed 99% of the Ultraviolet rays, and approximately 84% of the solar power heat. the insulation features can also decrease the light brightness since it plays a great role in conserving the interior furnishing of damage and color fading.

Power Saving

In case your office or house has been exposed to direct sun beams resulting at losing the ability to cool the whole house through the windows, this may lead to increase the expenses and fees spent on the air conditioning, Coolness, and power costs. Madico films helps to decrease the power consumption via diminishing the CO2 emissions and blocking about 80% of the sun heat, thus providing a very healthy and suitable atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that Madico CO. is a member at the higher resistant windows films factory in the power services companies (ESCO)

Decorative Films

Interior Decorative Films

Madico provides a variety of multi-colors and shades of windows Films that are characterized with their distinctive design, refined shapes and realistic patterns in addition to designing special samples suiting your house or office and adding a very personal touch and to suit every requirement.